How do I purchase Manifolds?

We have Authorized MarineTorq Dealers globally, you can use our dealer locator to find your nearest dealer or simply call us at head office on (02) 4017 1746

What steel is used?

All MarineTorq manifolds are made with Marine Grade Stainless steel.  The thickness of the stainless steel is key to the longevity. 

MarineTorq Warranty

Over the past 25 years we have evolved the stainless steel manifold to what you see today.  We are the only company in the world that has perfected this design with all its unique characteristics. 


Cast Iron VS Stainless Steel Manifolds

Cast Iron manifolds are plagued with issues! 

90% of all Engine Failures are due to leaky risers!

Cast Iron manifolds with there multi piece construction consisting of joints and gaskets simply allows the cast iron manifold more opportunity to fail and cause damage.

The patent one piece construction by MarineTorq eliminates all these flaws and is only one of many reasons why stainless steel manifolds are superior to not only cast iron but also aluminium. 

How do I become an Authorized MarineTorq Dealer?

We have a global authorized dealer network that is always expanding.  If you believe your business could benefit from offering stainless steel manifolds to your customer base, fill out the the contact us form and we will send you out a dealer information pack.

Engine Failure


We developed the only manifold in the world that is a one piece construction and has a built in anode to prevent electrolysis.

The MarineTorq manifold is the most advanced manifold on the market!